Download Beats for Bangladesh for a $15 Donation

One year later, Beats for Bangladesh. Read the post on Mishthi Music here.

You can now download Beats for Bangladesh: A Benefit Album In Solidarity with the Garment Workers of Rana Plaza for a donation of $15 or more.

Proceeds of the album will go to the on-the-ground organization Bangladeshi Center for Worker Solidarity through the Washington DC based 501c3 organization International Labor Rights Forum.

Beats for Bangladesh: A Benefit Album In Solidarity with the Garment Workers of Rana Plaza is a benefit album that has brought together South Asian artists from across the United States and beyond with the goal of raising awareness about the working conditions that Bangladeshi workers continue to endure and to raise funds to support these workers.

Presented by the music blog Mishthi Music, the album has been executive produced and curated by world reknowned hip-hop artist Brooklyn Shanti, and political activist/writer Tanzila ‘Taz’ Ahmed.

01. Brooklyn Shanti ft. Mandeep Sethi, M.C. K~Swift, Sierra Carrère – Beats for Bangladesh
02. Ami Dang – Sublimate
03. Ko the Timeless & Brooklyn Shanti – Savar (Buried Alive)
04. DJ Drrrty Poonjabi vs Gary Kotlyar – Ghadar di Gunj
05. Thuggee Cult – Thomas Friedman and the Orientalist Express
06. The Kominas – Nafs Said
07. Vijay Iyer Trio – Cardio 2013
08. Saraswathi Jones – Mother Tongue
09. Brooklyn Shanti ft. Jahdan Blakkamoore – Rani Rani (acoustic)
10. Genius Mistakes – Innocence
11. Tabla Pusher & J-Boogie ft. The Children – Ahimsa Street Dub
12. Red Baraat – Fully Funtastique
13. Chee Malabar – New Yorkstani
14. Shahid Buttar – Bumpin in My SUV
15. Senica Da Misfit – Keep On
16. Ras Ceylon – Fyah Still Burnin
17. Bill Ding – Brown Mofo
18. Smithfield Bargain – Cliche! Hooray!
19. lal – Look Behind
20. EVILARTFORM – Dubsoorat (teen tala mix) #remixed
21. Second Sky – Dragonfly
22. The Fourth Stream – The Furious Rooster
23. Elephant With Guns – I Dreamt I Was Running
24. Nita Chawla – Amazing Too
25. Fair and Kind – November
26. Slant ft. Shawn Farhan – Beautiful Angel